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Where is Spring? What are you working on? Want to connect?

Well, the last time I wrote I was all about those New Years Resolutions, wasn’t I? It’s been awhile. It’s April now, and even though the weather as of late hasn’t felt much different than it did when I wrote my post about New Years and its resolutions, spring IS on its way and we WILL begin to enjoy being outside once again.

Bootcamp started last weekend. It snowed on us. This past weekend, the low was 19 degrees, so I opted to cancel it. I am pretty positive no one was upset about that. So we will get together again this weekend.

17 people are signed up to participate in bootcamp, and out of that 17, I think maybe 9 or 10 are new. How cool is that? I think it takes guts to try something like that – just the name – BOOTCAMP – sounds intimidating. So kudos to those who are taking a chance, making a healthy change and getting up on Sunday morning to work together. I look forward to actually enjoying the time on the field, rather than freezing on the field. See everyone this weekend.

Lets see – what else? Ive got openings for personal training because Im losing my 10am cycle class (BOO!) So if you want to schedule some one on one time with me, now is the time. Mondays I’ve got 9:30am and 10:30am open.

There is always the online option, too, if you want something you can do on your own time. I love the flexibility of online training – clients can do the workouts where and when they want. I design them, so they are getting instruction from me, and they are cheaper! SCORE!

I just completed a weeklong sugar detox with some great women! After my husband and I went to San Francisco (which I highly recommend if you haven’t been), my nutrition took a nosedive. Yup, I stopped tracking macros, gave in to my sweet tooth a little too much and just kinda did my own thing. Left to my own devices, I wont always choose the healthiest path, despite what my kids may think. No, I lost track and needed a reset, so that’s what we all did. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did. I love connecting with others in a way that helps them (and me) live a healthier lifestyle! After one week – Im feeling much more on track, opting for veggies and fruits like I should and avoiding too many treats. I’ll never give them up totally, though. I just needed to find my balance again.

And lastly, lets see. I need a new goal. I do better with a goal. Thought about committing to another sprint tri –I love those because they enable me to train with the bike, in the pool and (ugh) with my running. But its not too much of a distance that it takes me away from everything else I need to focus on. So what are you doing right now? What races/events/goals are you striving for? Maybe I’ll get some motivation and inspiration from you if you share with me.

I got back in the pool a few weeks ago and Im loving that. Feels great to be back. Although my shoulder seems to be a bit unhappy with this decision. Im thinking I just need to get used to it again. Also looking to start with some boxing classes again soon and Im looking forward to that. Last time I boxed, I had trouble with shoulders too (dang shoulders) but Im hoping with some proper instruction, I can avoid that.

So all good things this spring so far. I hope the same is true for you all! Id love to connect with you if we haven’t already!

All the best in health,