Jumpstart Your Health



Feel Good, Look Good


Whether you’re training to lose weight or inches or to feel a little stronger to enhance your performance in every day life, we will work together to develop a comprehensive program that will help improve your fitness and have you feeling great. Your program is uniquely yours - everyone needs something that works for their fitness level and experience. When we work with each other, we will find what those needs are and you’ll see an improvement in your performance in no time. 

Available fitness tools:

Free weights/TRX suspension trainer/Kettlebells/Bosu trainer/Boxing equipment

Plyo box/Resistance bands/Weight bench/Barbell weights

...and  more

30-minute (in person) sessions: $25/each

50-minute (in person) sessions: $50/each


Online training is perfect for those who are self-motivated to exercise on their own, who travel often, who cannot schedule one on one sessions and/or who simply like to workout on their own with a structured workout designed for them. 

Each online workout: $15/each

Please contact me for session availability.

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Your Program, Your Design


Sometimes all we need is a partner to keep us accountable to our long-term goals. After all, a plan without any action and follow-up is just a plan. And planning is only part of the process. 

So if you are looking for a partner for nutrition guidance, fitness support, weight loss tracking, or just to update and reinvigorate your overall health and wellness plan, let's chat. Goal setting programs are priced based on your needs, and can be tailored to any budget. I've worked with clients who submit daily food logs, who ask me to workout with them at their gym, who need me to design workouts they do on their own and who simply want recipe ideas sent to them weekly. Tailored to you - we can work to keep you accountable over the long term.


Let Me Come To You!


Planning a corporate wellness event? Interested in opening up your storefront for an impromptu fitness class? Let me come to you. Your staff, clients, friends and community won't have to worry about getting to the gym on time - I will come to them for on-site fitness classes, wellness workshops, body composition testing and more. You name the date, place and time, and we can arrange a convenient way to bring wellness right to your doorstep.


Accountability & Teamwork


Bootcamps are designed to enable participants to take advantage of a supportive community and fitness challenges that bring them to a higher level of fitness. 


"I really enjoyed bootcamp. Tracey you do a great job motivating and encouraging people to challenge themselves. I would do it all over again. Thanks!"

"Tracey's boot camps are GREAT for anyone and everyone. She provides modifications for all fitness levels and you won't feel like you are having to compete (or keep up) with anyone else. Yet everyone is motivated and working hard. You won't be sorry for signing up!"

"I have done other bootcamp type workouts and Tracey's are the best. They fit everyones needs and emphasize on strength and cardio combined. I love how they are timed drills and not measured by the total amount completed. She is a great motivator and love waking up early to get a session in!! Thanks Tracey for being a fantastic coach!"

"Tracey's boot camp is by far the best I have ever attended. My cardio strength was the first thing I noticed improving- the tender muscles also- (sore in a "Go, Me!" kind of way) is always satisfying and empowering- But almost more important than the quick results, was the inner strength Tracey helped me find- Her balance of coaching/nurturing will make you feel like you can do anything, and that is a unique gift not many can give. It's boot camp from the inside out, and you can't get more thorough than that! Thank you, Tracey! You are the BEST!"

"You kicked my butt today – and I loved it! Good times. I just signed up for another 4 sessions of boot camp. Looking forward to more fun to come." 

"Nothing else pushes me harder. Or makes me feel better when I'm done. Thanks!"

"Proud of myself for completing bootcamp - always fantastic workouts. Today's was intense and afterward I felt great!"

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