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At-home training/remote

My home gym provides a small, intimate setting for those who prefer to work outside a traditional gym setting. Available equipment includes dumbbells, barbells, TRX, resistance bands, kettlebells, core strengthening equipment, slam balls, benches, cardio boxes and more.

Remote sessions are also available. For those wanting to workout at home with a trainer, I will "meet" you via Zoom while you train in the comfort of your home. 

**Also available, online training. 


Kondition Haus/outdoors

Kondition Haus is a collective of small, independent health & fitness professionals. With more than 4.000 square feet of available training space, the gym provides clients with an invigorating and motivating space in which to reach their goals. If you are interested in surrounding yourself with the energy that comes from a vibrant gym setting, lets meet here!

**Outdoor sessions take place when weather permits. Locations vary and can be tailored to each client.

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