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Holiday Hustle, year 2, starting strong

Happy holidays, all!

It's my MOST FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR! Truly, it is. I love everything about this time of year. But I do also know that this time of year can bring with it undue stress, missed workouts, more merry food and drink and less nourishing food and drink. It's a real thing. I get it.

So you should jump in on the Holiday Hustle. I'm a tad late in sharing about it on here, but hey, it's the holidays - things get forgotten! :)

But we "meet" as an online challenge group from December 1-23 and participants commit to completing one round (minimum) of the workout posted for the day. So easy to commit - if you only have time for one round, awesome. More time in your day? Add on a round or two.

It's only $15. Literally so cheap. For a workout posted daily. Go sign up. Seriously. Registration is through Venmo. Simply pay $15 to @tracey-english and I'll take it from there. We've started with workout #1 but jump on in and you can get it done too!

We are 50 women strong - all working hard and motivating others in the group. All good things, I promise!


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