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Itching for a change, but not sure what kind of change

Let me know if you've ever experienced this: you know you want to make some kind of change in your life, but you aren't sure exactly what that change looks like, how to figure that out and then how to manifest it.

That's where I am right now. Do I need to change my workout routine? If so, what should I do? I can't run because of an old injury that prevents me from doing so. I can't start playing tennis again for the same reason. I've been going to a gym regularly but, eh, do I still want to do that? Should I join a new gym and try new classes? I do love group fitness classes. Should I start teaching more group fitness classes again? Before the pandemic, I was teaching a few a week. But it's hard to motivate myself to teach to so few people, especially in a cycle class. I need the energy of a full class. Will that ever happen again where I'm teaching? I don't know. Should I work with a trainer again? I loved it when I did it but it's hard finding the times that work for my schedule and theirs. I can always workout on my own. I do that well, but sometimes that is just kindof blah too.

So I feel stuck. I know I'm ready for something else, but I don't know what. So I continue to do what I'm doing because at least it's something. But I'm not very excited about it.

I could train for another triathlon, I suppose. The running issue is still there, though. I'm just - stuck. So I feel a real need to come up with a plan. A friend of mine recently talked to me about cycling with a group of women once a week. That sounds fun. I need to invest in a bike. Doing this gets me out of my comfort zone. I'm introverted by nature and even though I know the women in this group, I feel uncertain. I should try it though. As my daughter said, just try it and see if you like it. She's right.

I also love Pilates. I'm back to a class every week, but maybe I need to increase that to 2-3 classes per week. I wonder if I can make that work. As you can see, I'm essentially taking you on my mind's journey right now to figure something out. I think it's important to do because I know I feel the need for change, but I, like many of the people reading this, am not sure how to make that happen. Here is my two cents on the matter:

1. Think of what you enjoy and then figure out ways you can incorporate that into your daily life. I said I can't run because of an injury, but I don't enjoy running anyway, so it wouldn't be a good idea to try and force myself to do it. I DO enjoy cycling and Pilates, so maybe I start there.

2. Give yourself a solid timeframe in which you can really give new ideas a try. In other words, don't be a one and done. I'm telling myself this too. I know I enjoy cycling. So I need to take the opportunity to join this group of women and really see if meeting once a week is going to work for me. Look at your schedule to see what will realistically work with your life. If all Pilates classes are in the morning, that won't work for me because of my training schedule. (That's just an example. I know there are plenty of Pilates classes I can join).

3. Maybe ask a friend to join you. Change is a good thing - and maybe asking a friend to embark on a new fitness adventure with you is just what you need to get started.

See what I did there? In sharing and acknowledging that I KNOW I am desiring a change, I thought of two things I would like to incorporate more into my life. Then I listed things I have to do to make these two things happen. I have to enjoy it, it has to fit into my schedule, and it would be fun if it involved a friend or two.

I'll keep you posted on what I decide to do. But change is in the air...I can feel it!

What are some things you enjoy? Is there a change in your future too? All the best in health,


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